New developments -- watch this space!

First, an item of news: my story "Buzz Me" (originally written for one of Desdmona's contests) is now available in the March 2005 edition of Xodtica Magazine. Xodtica is available at various outlets including eXtasy Books. Click, buy, enjoy!

And second: recently I've been spending an inordinate amount of time listening to my mp3 player. Not to music, but to audio files containing what are essentially radio programmes. I've become an avid podcast listener.

Not only that. The possibilities presented to the ordinary computer user have inspired me to consider producing a podcast of my own. It seems anyone can do it. A podcast is the audio equivalent of a blog, and I have been seriously considering what I could put into an (experimental) attempt at producing such a thing. Maybe just a one-off, at least to start with.

So keep checking back here, where the announcement will be first aired. (I even have a name for it: look out for The Deranged Imagination podcast, coming to an mp3 player near you!)


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